Pbn Viewer Applet

In this page you can start the Java Pbn Viewer in the form of a Java applet.
The Pbn Viewer is also available as Java program, and can be downloaded from here.  The source code of the applet can be downloaded from here.

database description
greg's mini movie A single game with comments
CAP'98 bulletin 1 Commented games of CAP'98 tournament (1st bulletin)
etc97 France - Italy A match at the European Team Championships 1997
papi's games Some games of papi played at an okbridge tournament
Al's 6th offline tournament The first 4 games of Al Howard's offline tournament at which the participants play with and against a computer program (e.g. GIB)

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You are allowed to use this applet on your own homepage. Download this applet-file , and upload it to your web site. Then, upload html files and PBN files, just like the files in the above table.

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