A Java program has been made to generate the figures. Click here to download this program (version 1.2). When you have problems running it, then upgrade to the latest Java JRE (at least version 1.5).

Alternatively you can also run an applet in your browser. Click here to start the applet.

Furthermore, I made a screensaver generating the figures ( requiring at least version 1.5 of the Java JRE). Click here for the windows installer of the screensaver. (Note that sometimes the screen remains black, probably due to a bug in the Java saverbeans package ;-)

Program documentation

Menu items
Save SVG
Save the figure in SVG format.
Save image
Save the figure in PNG format or in JPEG format, depending on the filename's extension.
Stop the program.
Show or hide the numerator and denominator at the bottom left corner.
Display the program's version.

Initial value of numerator.
Increment of numerator. Looping only happens for positive values. Negative values are not allowed.
Upperbound of numerator.
Current value of numerator.
Initial value of denominator.
Increment of denominator Looping only happens for positive values. Negative values are not allowed.
Upperbound of denominator.
Current value of denominator.
Start Generate figures according the Numerator and Denominator. In fact a double loop is executed: the Denominator values in the inner-loop, and the Numerator in the outer-loop.
Stop Stop generating figures (also after Random).
Pause Pause generating figures. You can change now attributes, or re-generate previous figures.
Continue Continue generating figures.
Previous Generate the previous figure (in Pause state).
Next Generate the next figure (in Pause state), optionally after clicking the Previous button.
Random Generate random figures. You can now also Pause generating to re-generate previous figures.
Redraw Redraw the current figure, useful after changing attributes
Mode Generate a figure at once (Draw) or slowly (Animate).
Type Allow Odd values, or Even values, or Both types of values for the Numerator. Useful for random figures.
Diameter Diameter (in pixels) of drawn lines.
Speed In case of mode Animate, the number of rendered linepieces are approximately 1000 for speed value 60, and 200 for value 300.
Background The background color of the figure's panel, either Black or White.
Foreground The foreground color of the figure, either Black or White or all Rainbow's colors.
Shape The shape of the figure between 3 and 8, or a random value between these bounds.

At the bottom, information messages can be displayed.