I bought my first (ex-)Commodore Amiga A500 in 1988. In 1993 I upgraded to an A4000/040. The reasons for bying an Amiga instead of a PC were (at that time):
  1. I wanted to be acqainted with the 68K processor for my work at Philips.
  2. The 68K processor is much better than the Intels.
  3. AmigaDOS is a (great) multi-tasking O.S.
  4. The terrific graphics capabilities, and the windowing system.
  5. The affordable price (in contrary with an Apple).

I have used the Amiga for developing programs in C and assembler.

I developed my own Abalone program for the Amiga. It is called aMalone, and can be found at Aminet in directory /game/think. It plays quite strong, since I loose most of the times at level 2 (looking 2 plies ahead). Well, perhaps this says more about my playing strength and my programming capabilities.
The game can also be downloaded from AMALONE.LHA .
I also developed a Pente program for the Amiga, that was formerly available at Stefan Ossowskis Schatzruhe. The game can now be downloaded from .
This is a nice game manufactured in the Netherlands. Onderuit means watchit: something is falling down. In the game, marbles are falling from the holes in wheels, that can be turned. The program called Watchit is available for the Amiga at Aminet in directory /game/think.
The game can also be downloaded from WATCHIT.LHA
Yeah, yeah, yet another memory game, but with extras: It talks to you using the Amiga speech synthesizer. Furthermore, it has very nice graphics. The program aMemory is available for the Amiga at Aminet in directory /game/think.
The game can also be downloaded from AMEMORY.LHA
Spraak programs
I developed a speech synthesizer for the Dutch language. You can play around with it by the program FONEMER. This archive also contains 2 other programs suited for small children that cannot read yet. The usage of these programs is made easy by the accompanying speech of the speech synthesizer.
TEKENEN: Copy a drawing of tiles.
REKENEN: Practice computations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) up till 100.