BbnOrganiser is a program for processing a bridge bidding system. Its main features are:

Edit the bidding calls and their meanings.
Store the bidding system in a file obeying the Bridge Bidding Notation (BBN).
Import BBN files in the current file.
Generate an HTML file or an ASCII text file by exporting the bidding system.
Compute probabilities of hand distributions.


BbnOrganiser can handle uncontested bidding sequences and contested bidding sequences. This program has 2 versions: an unregistered version (also called evaluation version of demo version), and a registered version (also called full version). The unregistered version is able to handle uncontested bidding sequences, but is unable to handle contested bidding sequences. The registered version is able to handle uncontested bidding sequences as well as contested bidding sequences. You have to register for being able to handle contested bidding sequences.
Unregistered users can compute probabilities of hand distributions for North/South hands only.


History :

Version 1.9

Added opening recent files.
Fixed bug when closing dialog window.
Fixed probability percentage.

Version 1.8

Made workaround for bug in Java JVM, when popup lies partly outside window.

Version 1.7

A new tool for computing probabilities of hand distributions.
Added a find requestor.

Version 1.6

Export an HTML file.
Convert denomination in exported file.

Version 1.5

Show Bid/Denom/Suit graphically.
Show Bid/Denom/Suit relations.
Enter key for editing.
Delete key.

Version 1.4

Allow special characters in text fields: < > & ' "
Paste cut cell with child objects.

Version 1.3

Removed en/disabling text-area.
Footer not part anymore of currently selected chapter.
Cancel at window closing.

Version 1.2

The current cell becomes visible after edit operations, or undo/redo.
Removed undo history bug.

Version 1.1

Improved the layout of boxes spanning the width of the screen.
A suitable cell remains selected after edit operations, or undo/redo.

Version 1.0

Initial version.