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The installation of BbnOrganiser happens in 2 steps. Because BbnOrganiser is a java application, firstly the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed. This needs to be done only once. Then, the program BbnOrganiser must be installed.
Probably, a JRE is already installed on your computer. (Make sure that you have at least version 1.4.2 .) You could try this by executing step 2 without step 1.

Step 1. Installation of Java Runtime Environment.

Goto Download JAVA and follow the instructions.


Step 2. Installation of BbnOrganiser.

Right click on and save this file to your computer.
Unzip the zip-file and extract the contents to an appropriate directory.
Read the license agreement and proceed only in case of agreeing.
Windows users can now double click the BbnOrganiser.jar file in the choosen directory to start the program.
Alternative ways to start to program are mentioned below.
By default a Properties file for the English language is installed.
Optionally, you can select a Properties file for a suitable language from the download page.



The main Java program in the BbnOrganiser.jar archive is called BbnOrganiser.class . This program is NOT an applet, so that it is impossible to run it in a web browser. Instead, you can start it by a shell command as follows:

java -jar BbnOrganiser.jar


Windows users can enter from a DOS shell:

javaw.exe -jar BbnOrganiser.jar

provided that the javaw.exe is in the execution path, what should be the case after installing the Java Runtime Environment.


Windows users can start the program in 2 alternative ways:

1. Double click the BbnOrganiser.jar file.

2. It would be even easier by linking file extension *.bbn to the BbnOrganiser.jar file. So, double clicking a bbn file starts the program automatically. This can be configured as follows:

In the Explorer, select Tools / Folder Options, and then the tab FileTypes.

Click New and enter BBN
Click OK
Select the new extension BBN
Click Advanced
Click ChangeIcon...
Click Browse and select BbnOrganiser.ico (extracted from the zip-file)
Click Open
Click OK
Click New...
In field "Action:" enter "Open"
In field "Application used to perform action:" enter the command:

"C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.5.8_08\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "C:\<install_dir>\BbnOrganiser.jar" "%1"

Click OK
Click OK
Click Close


The above Java version 1.5.8_08 serves as an example.

The double quotes are strictly needed (because the directory name contains a space character).

Replace <install_dir> with the actual directory where you installed BbnOrganiser.


N.B. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.