PBN standards


PBN standard 2.1

You can download the PBN standard 2.1 as uncompressed pbn_v21.txt or as compressed pbn_v21.zip.  The Word version pbn_v21.doc  can be downloaded from the homepage of Kaj G Backas.
The following example PBN files illustrate the use of the newly defined tables :


PBN standard 2.0

You can download the PBN standard 2.0 as uncompressed pbn_v20.txt or as compressed pbn_v20.zip. Supporting files are pbn_eng_v20.nag and the ISO_3166 country codes.
Several example PBN files are available that illustrate the use of tables (one of the important new features) :


PBN standard 1.0

You can download the PBN standard 1.0 as uncompressed pbn_v10.txt or as compressed pbn_v10.zip. Supporting files are pbn_eng_v10.nag and the ISO_3166 country codes.
PBN has been derived from the Portable Game Notation (PGN), that is used for chess games. The PGN standard can be downloaded from

The text of the PBN standard is available in many word processor formats: Microsoft Word, Macintosh Word 4, Wordperfect, Adobe Acrobat format, postscript (see
homepage of Kaj G Backas).