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Unpublished reports:

Tis Veugen, Dave Boshoven,
Transaction Mechanism Methodology for an Embedded Software Controller
This document is a blueprint of a methodology for implementing a complex embedded software controller component, that interacts with concurrently executing components whose behaviour is described by finite state machines and UML sequence diagrams.

Tis Veugen,
Client - Server Patterns in storage projects
This document analyses several protocol patterns between communicating software components with emphasis on finite state machines, synchronization, and race conditions.
Version 1.1, 2006-03-07

Tis Veugen,
Recommendations about TDD - A traditional point of view
This document presents my view on test-driven-development (TDD), being one of the practices in the agile hype; it contains some critical notes about the way-of-working, and proposes an alternative approach for experienced software engineers.
Version 0.1, 2006-11-24



Andrew Troelsen, "Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform, Fourth Edition", Apress, ISBN: 1590598849


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