Tralihs FAQs

Where comes the name Tralihs from?
It contains the letters of my first name and the first letters of my wife and daughters.
(It is a hell of a job to found a unique name!)

Why the Tralihs program has been written in Java ?
Because a Java program can run on any platform (Apple, Linux, Unix, Windows).

Why Tralihs can not be played from the web-site?
Due to the images the size of the files to be downloaded is big (2MB).
When you like the program for running on your own local computer you must download all files again.

Why Tralihs can not be started as an applet by a browser?
Browsers do not always implement the Java virtual machine correctly.
Even, some well-known browsers seem to $abotage Java.
This is a second reason why Tralihs can not be played from the web-site.

Why the installation of Tralihs can not be done automatically?
Because installation of Java package depends on the platform. Secondly, a user should know what is running on his/her machine.
As a solution, I try to guide you through the installation process in a user friendly way.

Why JNLP is used for automatic installation?
Because it is a platform independent installation. It also enables automatic updates when you are connected to the Internet. These updates will be small: only the Java classes, and not the many pictures. Furthermore, at the second program start you are asked to install a program menu entry and/or a startup icon.

What are the things to do?
1. Swap via internet.
2. Play via internet.
3. Improve the move made by the computer.